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Welcome Wonderful Authors!Here at Equality Book Tours, we support authors of any genre! At Equality Book Tours, we will not shy away from a book being closed door/ fade to black, too smutty, or a book that is turned down at other tours because it’s considered graphic or too dark. There are readers for every book out there and we will find hosts for you! We want everyone to feel included and to have the help spreading word about their books. We also want to provide affordable service to you, because we know just how expensive tours can be. So we want to help you be able to have a tour on a budget. MG, Ya, New Adult, and Adult, we welcome them all!Do you ever get tired of trying to write and also market your book?Do you ever get tired of having to give physical books to tours?Do your books need some extra love and attention long after release day?Do you ever feel like you have a drop in engagement or sales and you want to boost your book, or even an older book you’ve written?Do you need more honest reviews?Do you ever want to promote your book, special editions, book boxes, character art, cover reveal all things surrounding your book/books?If you said yes to any of those then look no further. We are the tour for you!All we request is to please provide an E-ARC or E-BOOK. That’s right, no physical books are needed! That’s extra money you get to save on shipping! Allowing our hosts to have an E- version of your books, helps our hosts have some knowledge on your book before they participate in a tour. Also, it’s a way to say thank you to them for helping out!Topics we do not accept are, topics supporting bullying or hate, support of injustices of any kind, supporting topics of discrimination, inappropriate or unhealthy behaviors or relationships. We will have questions regarding topics within your book that you can select before we accept your hard work. We will also search reviews from readers, to make sure that no hidden topics have been missed. We want our hosts comfortable with what they will be sharing.To ensure our hosts are sharing, and to help us keep track of their posts we request that we can be tagged in the post as well as a hashtag provided by us be used.As always, at Equality Book Tours, payment plans can be worked out because we understand tight budgets! Simply send us an email or a DM and we can chat about the plan. We want you to be able to utilize these tours, so we are here to help make this affordable for you! All dollar amounts are USDFor further details on cancellation fees and refunds, we will send you that when you send us the interest form!
After reading all of the above, if you are still interested in our tours, then click the services tab for a list of prices and detailed information on our tours!

Below are the tours!
We look forward to working with you.
If you have any questions please shoot us a DM or an email.
** Review service** $40
This tour works best for standalones, novellas, and the first book in a series. You can book the sequel after the first has been reviewed.
All reviews will be honest and we cannot guarantee nor force positive reviews.
We understand that as authors, reviews are important and you can never have too many reviews right?!This service will allow the hosts to post a review after they’ve read your book. You must be willing to provide E-arcs and or E-books so we can send them to our hosts.Review tours are up to a month-long process. Please allow readers about 2 weeks of reading time, then a week of scheduled reviews will blast on your week of choice!Amazon is our top priority! Amazon is extremely important to authors, and we want to help you boost sales and attention. We also encourage the host to leave their reviews on Instagram and Goodreads, but only if they want. Amazon is our main focus here.You can request to us that they please leave the review to all three places, or just to two platforms and we will make sure they know to do that.Please provide us with hashtags you wish they use along with their own, if they post to Instagram. For Amazon/ Goodreads the hosts are requested to send us a screenshot of their reviews so we can keep track of who has left a review. And for Instagram they will use one hashtag by us to use.Booktok & Reel tour
5 days- $40
Don’t have time to make a reel, or maybe you don’t make them or TikToks? Let us help by finding you the right creators to put their skills to use and create some really great videos about your book.
Booktok and Reels are a popular way to promote and increase visibility of your book. You can choose both or either one of the options you’d like.On this tour you will have a group of hosts at your disposal to share a reel / tiktok about your book on any content you wish to give them. If there is a quote you want us to send them to share, or a list of tropes etc, send it our way!We also request you send us a cover photo of your book to be shared or any graphics towards your book that you would like. All images need to be sent in high resolution. If you want them to have read your book before the tour, then please provide a 2 week reading window for our hosts to know your world!__ Release Day Hype__
1 day blast- $30
We want to hype your release day up!
This one day blitz will be celebrating your release! Hosts will make a reel or a post of their choice.They will use the graphics/ cover photo and anything else you wish they use, to celebrate your publication day! You can also bundle this with the option below. All images need to be sent in high resolution. If there are any hashtags or accounts that need to be tagged please let us know so we can send it to the hosts.Add on for the release day hype
$10 for each add on
You can have hosts participate in the pre- release countdown. We all like a good countdown right?!Five days before release, hosts will count down with you! They will share the countdown in their stories. Using graphics that you provide to us, so we can send to them. Unless, you're fine to have them create their own.You can also have them share your release for an extra bump in engagement at a later date of your choice. Once the hustle of release day has calmed, and you want to generate extra attention, their posts would help do that! It could even be at the one week celebration of your book being out. You pick, and we’ll set it up! Again, we just ask that provide any hashtags, or any tags that you wish them to use. As well as, sending any cover photos or photos in high resolution.Giveaway add on
Turn any tour into a giveaway.
Book Cover Reveal
1 Day- $30
We can’t wait to see your cover!
This day is focused on your cover reveal!! All cover photos and graphics that will be used are from the selection you provide. As well as any hashtags you want the hosts to use. If you would like to have your cover shared for two extra days that will be $10, ($5 for each day). Please make sure all images are sent to us in high resolution. We also ask that you provide any hashtags, or the artist info to be tagged to us so we can send it to our hosts.The extra love tour
1 day - $20
3 days - $30
5 days- $40
7 days- $50
We all need a little more love.
This is for any book new or old of yours that needs extra love. If you want the hosts to have time to read the book then please allow 2 weeks. Otherwise, if you just want to give the hosts the blurb and some quotes to use, with tropes that will do just fine. All images you send need to be sent in high resolution. If you have any specific hashtags you wish our hosts to use, please provide them to us, so we can have them ready for our hosts.Character Art Reveal
1 Day- $30
Our hosts are sworn to keep this art secret! They will wait until after the time you set, or they can share it on the date you would like, it could even be the next day to ensure no reveals have been accidently released. All images you provide, please send in high resolution. Also, send us any hashtags or tags of the artists you wish our hosts to use.Spotlight Tour
1 day or up to 7 days $15 per day
Let us shine a light on you!
This is for any spotlights you have that you want shared. If you’re hosting a sale/ giveaway, or if you have special editions or any boxes coming out that you want news being spread on then this is a great tour for that. Our hosts will share the information in their stories or in a post, using any graphics and information such as hashtags or links that you provide. All images must be sent in high resolution.More information about what we will need from you, will be sent in the author sign up for

Hello Authors!Do you find yourself needing to take a little pressure off yourself, or just needing extra assistance? Let me help you with my PA services!!
If any of the following sounds like something you might be needing, simply fill out the PA interest form. If you might need help with something else, fill the form out and let me know at the bottom of it!
**It's an as needed service, keep me for good, or just a period of time. My services are for $25 an hour- Ten hours is the minimum. All authors I PA for will have a discount on tours during my time as their PA. **
Street Team Services
Street Team Managment
Recruit, Build and Manage the teams .
Creat sign up forms.
Send emails as well as media packets when needed.
Compliance Tracking for reviews and participation
ARC Services
Recruit, Build and Manage ARC readers.
__ Social Media services__
If you find yourself needing to focus on writing and your chats are blowing up this might be helpful! Or if you want someone else in the chat that can help guide or answer questions. Especially during high stress times like releases or when you might be sick, or on vacation.
Help out with your discord chats, facebook pages, instagram Chats.
I look forward to working with you! Also, I do offer payment plans for this service as well.